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"Will you go out with me again?"

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What do you think?

      I like that it’s not Granny’s.

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I feel like we need some clarification





This is a Kimono (Japanese):


This is a Hanfu (Chinese):


This is a Cheongsam (Chinese):


This is a Hanbok (Korean):


Any questions? 

ao dai



It’s interesting to note that that the garments that have a cross over style when worn correctly are all worn with the left breast over the right.

That is because these countries tend to wrap right over left when they are wrapping the dead.
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Elizabeth Mitchell: I know that everyone thinks it might be negative, so Emma must think that. I can say it’s surprising, but I can’t really [say much] because it’s so much a part of the whole thing. It’s one of those ones where it’s definitely worth keeping an eye on, and it does mean a lot to both of them—which is fun because I like spending time with Jennifer. She’s awesome. It’s important, and it’s big, and it has a lot to do with the mythology of things, which I love.


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"Seeing as how Taylor Swift has yet to release an album that has gone less than 4x platinum, and her popularity is as big as ever, I’m willing to bet this changes within a few weeks."

—The top comment on the reddit thread “2014 is the first year ever with ZERO platinum certified records" (x)
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"He’s back"

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GET TO KNOW ME MEME: 6 favorite female characters » Regina Mills, Once Upon a Time
      ↳”Have you ever considered that perhaps, maybe, I am good, I was always the Queen, it was you who added ‘Evil’ to my name.”

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Lana Parrilla + Jared Gilmore

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